5 Handmade Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

5 Handmade Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is coming soon and it’s now time to get some serious shopping done.This aspect of the Christmas preparation can be a little scary, there are crowds to fight, choices to make and credit cards to overuse… Shopping for Christmas can be an ordeal, and then you have to wrap it all up. I tend to rush home and leave the crowds behind rather than take advantage of the complimentary wrapping services sometimes available. To me, wrapping paper is a little like tinsel, it’s very much part of the Christmas presentation, but it can be incredibly tacky. So I prefer to use simple materials and make it myself. If you are looking to stand out with your gifts at Christmas, I have 5 Handmade Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas to get you started.

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In terms of materials, I like to use the simplest of papers: kraft brown and white. Like a blank canvas, it allows me to create the style I want. Then I pick various bits and pieces from my my well-stocked craft drawers. For this selection of handmade Christmas gift wrapping ideas, I am relying on some of classic Christmas items:

  • Banksia baubles
  • Clay stars
  • Several types of strings
  • Small seashells
  • Rosemary sprigs from the garden

Kraft Paper + Red String + White Clay Stars

On this rare occasion, I used a traditional Christmas colour: red. Mixed with white, it actually goes really well with the natural colours. For the White Clay Stars, I use this tutorial.

lesterlost-handmade-christmas-gift-wrapping-red-string-clay-stars (1)


Kraft Paper + Banksia Baubles + White Clay Stars + Rosemary Sprigs

Here I used my beloved banksia baubles, they are a fixture in my Handmade Christmas decor . They look great half dipped in white paint. For this handmade Christmas gift wrapping, I used them as they are. The one thing to remember when using banksia and pine cones in your decor is to “bake” them in the oven to kill any potential bugs. 45 minutes at 200 degrees will do the job. A perk of this process is that the house smells beautiful!



White Paper + Banksia Baubles + String + Rosemary Sprigs

The rustic string goes really well with the white paper and I have added rosemary sprigs to add a bit of colour. You can use any kind of greenery with your handmade Christmas gift ideas. I would love to use pine tree cuttings but they’re not that common in Australia.

lesterlost.handmade-christmas-gift-wrapping-white-paper (1)


Kraft or White Paper + String + Shells

I have this weird habit where I like to pick up shells on the beach or discarded bits of wood in parks… Seashells work really well for handmade Christmas gift wrapping ideas. It’s best to use small seashells and to use a few. Sometimes, only one shell can be sufficient. It’s great for a natural, organic design.

lesterlost-handmade-christmas-gift-wrapping-seashells (1)


Kraft or White Paper + Painted Shells

These painted shells go back to my early days in Australia… I guess my crafty tendencies expressed themselves quite early… They are simply glued on the paper.


Do you have handmade Christmas gift wrapping ideas to share? I would love to expand my repertoire !

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