Black Chalkboard Painted Spice Jar Lids

Black Chalkboard Painted Spice Jar Lids

If you’re like me and have a lot of spice jars in your pantry, it can get confusing. If you buy spices in little packets, it’s easier to store them in glass jars. You still need to find what you’re looking for though… This is where the great invention of chalkboard paint comes in…

A great way to organise your spice jars is to paint the lids with chalkboard paint. Once you’ve run out of the content, you can easily change the labelling of the jar. Wipe off the white chalk, change the name and you’re done. This is a clever and sustainable way to reuse your glass jars and keep your pantry organised.

I like to use Bonne Maman preserve jars. They remind me of my grandmother’s jams, she used to recycle them for her own jams: strawberry, raspberry, apricot, blackberry…

Bonne Maman jars


Applying Chalkboard Paint to Metal

There is a technique to use order to guarantee a successful result, but it’s really easy.

Chalkboard Paint Jar Supplies

First, scratch the lids with sandpaper, so that any paint applied to the surface sticks well. Fine sandpaper should do the trick. Then, apply a prep varnish with a brush. I use PSP: Poly Surface Prep, from Bunnings. It smoothes the surface and helps the chalkboard paint stick. It’s my go-to product for prepping smooth surfaces like metal or glass. Leave to dry in a well aired space. Finally, apply chalkboard paint with a brush. Make sure to shake the container well before use, otherwise the grit will stay at the bottom, and all you’ll get is a watery mixture. I use Dulux Chalkboard Paint.

The paint will dry in a matte homogenous surface. You can use white chalk to label the content of your jars, it’s that easy. When you need to change the name on the jar, you can simply wipe off the chalk with a sponge.

Black Chalkboard Painted Jars

The best part of this easy project was to leave the spice jars open for a day or so while I painted the lids, the house smelled beautiful!

If you enjoy a little bit of craft painting, check out this post about painted bottles.

Do you use any crafts in your kitchen decor? Please tell me in the comments below.

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