Easy Handmade Christmas Baubles

Easy Handmade Christmas Baubles

I love decorating my home for Christmas and I love finding very simple inspiration to do so. A few years ago, I created three easy Handmade Christmas Baubles and I treasure them. The simplest materials often make the most beautiful and inspiring decor.

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We all remember the shiny golden baubles of the 80s… I moved on from this aesthetic and I much prefer a natural, organic decor from Christmas. I am fascinated by clear baubles and the many possibilities to create. I found some at Lincraft and started scratching around the house for some basic materials and here’s what I came up with:

Crunched Craft Paper:

Tear some small piece of brown craft paper and scrunch them up. You can also roll them up to make it really interesting.

White Ribbon:

Cut some short to medium pieces of white ribbon, curl them with scissors.

Cotton wool:

It’s best to use a wool pack, but loosened up cotton balls work as well. Don’t pack the cotton too tight, it’s nice to create a light and airy feel, like clouds.

lesterlost-handmade-christmas-baubles-paper-cotton-ribbon (1)



Paper pieces:

Yes, there is a future for the shiny baubles of the past. In fact, they can be craftily recycled… I used a craft punch in the shape of a small balloon and created a continuum of balloon-shaped pieces. The trick is to start from the top of bauble and glue the pieces underneath one another.

lesterlost-handmade-christmas-paper-baubles (1)



Painted Banksia Baubles:

When I set out to create my handmade Christmas decor, I went out looking for natural materials. I found some burnt banksia in a park. The seed pods were randomly open and I painted the inside in white, the effect is really cool!

lesterlost-handmade-christmas-banksia-baubles (1)



I also found another species of banksia (I think) and dipped them in white paint, I love the effect! In both cases, I used acrylic house paint, so it’s quite thick and durable. Momcrieff has a great tutorial for painting pine cones, complete with screw eyes.

Don’t forget to put the banksia in the oven for 45 mns at 200 degrees, to get rid of any bugs before you do anything.

I had so many compliments on such a creative Christmas decor and I have some other ideas for your gift wrapping and Advent calendars. And if you want a beach-themed Christmas, this post is all about a coastal Christmas.

These baubles are proudly displayed in my Handmade Christmas post, what do you think ?

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