A Handmade Christmas

Photo Sandrine Fauconnet

So what’s the most exciting thing about Christmas ?

The presents?

The food?

Being with loved ones?

Or simply enjoying a break from work?

For me, the lead up to Christmas is what I enjoy the most, the preparation, the planning…

A Handmade Christmas

Photo Sandrine Fauconnet

I have to travel every year for Christmas. I don’t get to host anything, the menu never changes and the approach to gifting is a very practical one: Secret Santa finds out what you want and gift cards change hands. I don’t mind being able to choose what I want for Christmas but it’s little predictable.

Photo Sandrine Fauconnet

My Christmas thing is to bring little touches of Christmas feel to my home. I’m really into handmade  and I enjoy creating something out of “not very much”. In the last few years, I enjoyed designing a Christmas with a handmade and organic feel. The traditional colours of Christmas: red, green and gold needed a bit of an update in my view so I went for simple white and earthy tones.

Photo Sandrine Fauconnet

The tea tree branch, found in a park and the Jervis Bay sand vase combination is a fixture in my lounge room, but the handmade baubles come out at Christmas. So easy to make: transparent baubles are available at Lincraft and you can fill them with anything you want.

White Clay Stars

The stars are a fun baking session and the possibilities for decoration are numerous: stamping, painting… All you need is some cookie cutters, baking soda and cornflour…

Decorated Letters

Photo Sandrine Fauconnet

The “Noel” letters are a study in texture: raffia, string, paper, fabric. I purchased the letters from Lincraft, many options there.

Gift wrapping is also a handmade pursuit for me, all in organic simplicity.

One-Dimensional Christmas Tree

Photo Sandrine Fauconnet

The 2-dimensional Christmas tree is my biggest undertaking so far, and it was a lot of work. Hammering that many nails to a board does hurt after a while, but what a result! The materials are pretty straightforward:

  • Plywood
  • Nails
  • Can of white paint
  • String
  • Hammer

Handmade Christmas Baubles

The banksia baubles are a special pride of mine. I picked them in a park and patiently painted them… what do you think?

Photo Sandrine Fauconnet

Do you have a handmade Christmas tradition to share?

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