How to Make Mini Paper Roses

How to Make Mini Paper Roses


How to Make Mini Paper Roses

Hen's Party Noodle BoxesHow it all began…

Several years ago, my friend Tanya announced her wedding… With wedding, comes… planning, organising, deciding, hesitating, dreaming, changing one’s mind, freaking out at one point or another… Anyway, not for me to worry about… Before the wedding, came the hens’ party. A tasteful, calm affair: a day at the spa. Perfect !

My modest contribution was to be a small takeaway gift for all the girls. I wanted to craft something. With my hands. A food gift. And for packaging, I wanted to create something pretty, that I would take time to make.

After some research, I discovered a way to make mini paper roses. I was going to have my sweet, chocolatey food gift in a little food pail. The roses would be glued to the top of the box, how elegant.

First, the tools and materials:Craft tools glue scissors craft punch

  • Coloured paper, not too heavy, not too light. Something that can easily be folded but holds its shape well.
  • Quilling tool
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Craft punch: simple flower shape

Step by step:

Cutting: Punch 5 flower shapes in your paper. Cut a dent in one shape. Cut out the middle of 3 of the shapes. One shape remains whole.

paper rose cut pieces

Shaping: Using the butt of a pencil or quilling tool, mark the whole flower shape, press it gently into a soft object, like a foam stress ball. It will form a dent in the paper. That’s the base of the flower.

Taking the shape with a dent cut through it, take one end and place it over the other, making it conical. Glue the two ends together to maintain that conical shape.

Tip: the cut through the paper should be the same length of the petal of the flower, no deeper.

Glue and toothpickTip: if you are using liquid craft glue, which seems messy but is actually the easiest, I recommend dropping a little blob on a small piece of aluminium. Using a toothpick, I pick up the glue to lay it onto the paper. If you are more sophisticated (or organised), you can use a fine brush.

The 3 remaining shapes are to be glued together at their ends, to make a twirl

Paper Rose Twirl

Glue the conical shape to the bottom of the flower. You need a tiny blob of glue, not too much otherwise it will take forever to dry. If you use too much, the paper will be drenched and will crumple. You may need to hold the two pieces gently between your fingertips, until the glue dries a little. Set aside and let it dry completely.

Roses pieces ready to be glued together

Make the twirl: this is the tricky bit. You need to secure one end of the paper twirl into the slit of the quilling tool. It may take you a bit of practice to secure it, be patient and gentle. The heavier the paper, the more difficult it is to create the rose heart shape, as in the middle of the flower. Once you have the twirl between your fingertips, slide off the quilling tool, making sure the twirl doesn’t unravel. A little tricky at first but you’ll get the hang of it. Now you need to glue the twirl onto itself, brush a small amount of glue onto the end and hold it until it dries. While holding this precious twirl between your fingers, drop a small blob of glue in the conical shape. Place the twirl in the glue, gently, very gently…

Rose Twirling by Hand

Now you need to hold the two together, between your thumb and index, very gently, until the glue sets a little. You can daydream for a few minutes… Again, the heavier the paper, the longer it will take for it to bind to the base.

Blue Paper Roses

Set down the flower, watch it dry, you’ve made your first Mini Paper Rose !

You can use leaf shaped craft punches to complement your creation. Glue and arrange the mini roses on top of the food pail.

Voila, you’re all done!

Noodle boxes with blue roses

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