Little Girls Sewing Projects

Little Girls Sewing Projects

In recent years, my extended family produced mainly little boys and I always found it challenging to find relevant sewing projects. When they’re babies, it’s easy. The only challenge is the choice of fabric but that’s also the most fun! Now, I have two nieces, Elisabeth and Gabrielle, and I have a list of little girls sewing projects.

I have made those projects and I will add a few comments to help you choose.

Tiny Triangle Dress by Purl Soho

Purl Soho Triangle Dress

Tiny Triangle Dress
This is an intermediate project, best for lightweight fabric. The Liberty of London fabric recommended by the Purl Bee is ideal. You can modify the length or make the dress a little longer.

Soft Woolen Bunny by Purl Soho

Purl Soho Wool Bunny

Purl Soho Wool Bunny

The big floppy ears are amazing! I used a simple cream calico fabric for this one and a gorgeous blue flowers cotton fabric for the inside of the ears. Soft toys are reasonably advanced because of the small, detailed sewing required, but it is SO rewarding!

Myrtle the Purl Turtle by Purl Soho

Purl Soho Myrtle the Turtle

Purl Soho Myrtle the Turtle

I absolutely love this turtle, I really miss it since I sent it off to Elisabeth. A mix of cream calico and elegant flowers works really well. A turtle is not front of mind for a child’s soft toy but the curves work really well. A tip: when you stuff the toy with soft fill, make sure you position the soft fill carefully so it doesn’t bulge in the wrong places.

Rabbit Drawstring Bags from We All Sew

WeAllSew Rabbit Bags

WeAllSew Bunny Bags

This is a great tutorial from Ashley at Make It Love It. The contrast between the linen or calico and the coloured fabric is gorgeous. In this project, it was very easy to get into a routine. I got to use small pieces of fabric I didn’t know what to do with, and I even did a little embroidery! Needless to say, Elisabeth’s eyes pinged when she saw the bags! Complete success!

The Cecilia Cape by I Think Sew

The Cecilia Cape

The Cecilia Cape

Earlier this year, my sister asked me for a fancy dress costume for Elisabeth. In her opinion, the fancy dress costumes available in stores are made of cheap synthetic fabric, true enough. I didn’t have time for a full-blown princess dress or anything too complicated so I figured a Little Red Riding Hood cape would work. I decided to invest in the pattern I found on Etsy and made the biggest size, meaning she can wear for longer… Elisabeth became an overnight daycare star! I found the pattern easy to cut and follow. You even get to do a buttonhole, great opportunity to learn!

Felt Heart Barrettes by Purl Soho

Purl Soho Valentine Heart Barrettes

Purl Soho Valentine Heart Barrettes

Elisabeth has hair like you wouldn’t believe… Like mine, actually… Do you know many toddlers who need a proper stylist to do their hair? I don’t! Working with felt is easy, you can just cut it to the shape you want and away you go. Not all felts are equal though, 100% wool felt is definitely worth it. Elisabeth was very proud to show off her barrettes!

I have selected other handmade projects for babies and young children:

So, these are my niece projects… I’m sure I’ll have more soon… I would love to hear about your favourite little girls sewing projects, please share !

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  1. Thierry Mignon

    August 4, 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Je viens d’avoir l’idée de cliquer sur “” et donc de voir ces photos. je trouve charmantes et très jolies ces réalisations. Mille fois bravo !

    1. Delphine

      August 6, 2016 at 9:29 am

      IL faut que fasse des photos de mes propres realisations mais ce sont mes projets preferes, merci!

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