A Paper Heart Garland

A Paper Heart Garland

I have a tea-tree branch in my lounge room, in a vase filled with sand. It’s a fixture in my house and  I really love it. I collected it in a park after spending hours on Pinterest trying to figure out how to integrate a tree branch in my home decor. Those were my “decorate with no budget” days and it turned out to be a really versatile piece. I adorn it with handmade Christmas baubles as shown in my post about a Handmade Christmas. This time, I thought I would adorn it with a Paper Heart Garland, because, you know, we all need a little love…

branch and paper heart garland 2 (1)



Paper was my first craft medium, the very first thing I made were Mini Paper Roses. So it’s nice to go back from time to time. I graduated to sewing since and this paper garland is a nice combination of both.

First, you need a heart craft punch, and some nice craft paper. I bought mine at Eckersley’s and chose some pink shades of Canson paper.

Check out my Pinterest board for paper craft inspiration.

heart punched paper (1)


Sewing Paper

Sewing a garland of paper hearts is really easy. Using my sewing machine with regular thread, I gently presented the paper hearts one after the other. Keep the machine at low speed, to make sure the hearts were sown in the middle but you can twist it up a bit. I used a thin needle, to make sure the paper isn’t punched too big.

sample heart paper garland (1)


I varied the sequence of colours to make it interesting but the possibilities in this regard are endless.

And that’s it really, everything after that is styling and I am rediscovering a collection of vintage linens. I have a lovely square embroidered cloth and thought it would look gorgeous with the tree branch as a centrepiece.

branch and paper heart garland 2 (1)


So here it is, a lovely occasional centrepiece, very romantic !

Do you like my tea-tree branch ? I also use for Advent calendars and Christmas Baubles.

Do you use paper garland in your decor? Let’s share some ideas !

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