6 Easy Ideas to Decorate Your Home For Valentine’s Day

6 Easy Ideas to Decorate Your Home For Valentine’s Day

For many people, Valentine’s Day is synonymous with the prescribed and expensive red roses, the cheap chocolates and a certain awkwardness… I do remember an overpriced and average restaurant meal many years ago, so I have a little love-hate relationship with Valentine’s Day… I didn’t want to expect anything and go through the usual moves… However, over the years, I realised it’s nice to celebrate your love. I’ve been married for a while and in a relationship for even longer. You know what they say about routine… Since I love to decorate my home with handmade touches, I thought up some simple handmade ideas to bring the concept of Valentine’s Day to life. Valentine’s Day is a day only and there is no need to overcomplicate things. I have 6 easy ideas to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day.

Painted Bottle with Paper Heart on Sticks

Remember a few years ago when all the real estate photos featured long sticks in vases, set on a dining room table? Yes, I fell for it as well. I bought the long sticks… and set them in a vase… And then what? I got bored with the idea, it looked a little sterile… I changed the decor but some crafty creative instinct told me to keep the long sticks. I’m glad I did that because they are getting a second life!


I mixed my painted bottles with long sticks and added some punched hearts, it’s that simple…

Love Letters and Flowers

I’m always hesitant to follow a decor hype but MDF letters are pretty versatile. I got mine at Lincraft and they have featured in my Christmas decor. I found this Love set and simply sprayed it white.


Love Hearts on a Branch

I hope you are familiar with my beloved tea-tree branch now! It is so easy to add a little touch of something to create a theme. I use it to hang Christmas decorations or even an Advent Calendar. For a romantic evening, I would simply add some painted wooden hearts.


Coloured Napkins

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all hearts and flowers. You can play with the relevant colours, mainly red and pink. I use my Purl Soho napkins for an understated theme.


Don’t worry, I don’t necessarily expect to host four people for a romantic dinner but I love this colour combination!

Heart Paper Garland

Sewing paper garlands is surprisingly easy, but this time I glued the punched paper hearts on string.

lesterlost-handmade-valentines-day-napkins-heart-garland (1)

Blue Hessian Garland

For a cool twist on Valentine’s Day, why not switch colours? I love a blue and white combination, with a touch of beach style.


I hope these 6 easy ideas to decorate your home for Valentine’s Day will help you with last minute preparations. If you have any ideas for a quick Valentine’s Day touch, I would love you to share them!

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