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Awesome tips for planning a solo trip

I have been in a relationship for a long time and I love travelling with my partner. Independent travel is what I like best but I firmly believe that solo female travellers are the ultimate badass… In my opinion, the key to have a successful solo trip is travel planning! In this post, I share my awesome tips for planning a solo trip, and have a wonderful journey!

This is my list of the best places to go bushwalking in NSW

Travelling Alone for the First Time: What You Need to Know

First time solo travel is an exciting moment in life and you have to do it at least once. Whether it’s a one-off or your selected method of travel, it will change your outlook on things and hopefully be a great experience. In this post, I will give you some pointers on how to travel alone for the first time. Choosing the best solo female travel destinations is easy but travelling alone for the first time requires some preparation.

This is my list of the places to go bushwalking in NSW

The Best Places to go Bushwalking in NSW

If you are into hiking, or simply walking in nature, the state of New South Wales has plenty of options. I love nothing like escaping city life to take adventurous hikes in the wilderness… Not to mention exploring walking tracks in Sydney. Whether you are keen on a coastal walk or an adventure deep in the forest, there is hike for you. Here is my list of the best places to go bushwalking in NSW.

This is my list of the best gifts for hikers

How to pick the Best Gifts for Hikers

Do you have a hiker in your life in desperate need of gear? Beginner hikers find out pretty quickly that they need to acquire new stuff to make their practice of hiking more enjoyable. Gifts for hiking are a great way to help your friends build their hiking equipment list and get more joy out of the sport… Here is how to pick the best gifts for hikers.

This is a great guide for the best hikes in Sydney

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Hikes in Sydney

There is no denying that Sydney is a spectacular city… Having done most of the best walks in Sydney several times, I am still amazed at how easy it is to get lost in nature on a coastal walk without having to actually leave town. Walks in Sydney mix the urban with the natural very well. If you are keen to get out and about, this is my guide to the best hikes in Sydney.