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Can you see Spain from Tangier?

The Best Things to Do in Tangier, Morocco

You know about Morocco, but do you know about Tangier? Rich in history, this important port guards the Strait of Gibraltar and is Europe’s gateway to Africa. For historical reasons, Tangier has a seedy reputation but this is no longer justified. These days, Tangier is a thriving and interesting city, with a multicultural identity and a relaxed lifestyle. I went to Tangier as a child and only vague memories of it. However, on my recent trip, I had great pleasure in rediscovering this beautiful place and I have a list of the best things to do in Tangier, Morocco.


Tetouan: the Most Interesting Street Photography in Morocco

Tetouan… The name may not be familiar if you are planning a trip to Morocco, but I’ve had it at the back of my mind for a long time. I remember it from an epic road trip with my father in the early 1980s. We drove from Portugal to Morocco in an old-style red Toyota and went through Tangier and the Rif Mountains. I don’t remember much from Tetouan, only that I had been there. And since, the name intrigued me and I had to go back. I only took an overnight stop in Tetouan on my road trip from Tangier to Chefchaouen but that was enough to charm me. Tetouan has been described as a “jewel of a town at the foot of the Rif Mountains” and I couldn’t put it better myself…


12 Things to Do in Super Cool Essaouira, Morocco

When thinking of Morocco, most people picture the Sahara desert and a bunch of camels… This is true but Morocco is incredibly diverse and the Atlantic Coast is part of the adventure. Essaouira, the “Windy City of Africa” is a romantic and lively stopover in your Moroccan itinerary. With its history as a commercial hub and a hippy hangout, Essaouira is a place to be, for enjoyment and experience. Whilst it doesn’t have as many stand-out historical features as other places, Essaouira is easily worth a couple of days. I love the chilled vibe of Essaouira and it’s one of my favourite places in Morocco. The Atlantic Ocean is a powerful force and offers a lovely respite from the heat of Marrakech Here are 12 things to do in super cool Essaouira, Morocco.


Visit the Blue Streets of Chefchaouen in Morocco

If you are on social media in any way, you can’t possibly have missed it! Chefchaouen is the Blue Pearl of Morocco… A unique mountain-side town, perched beneath the Rif Mountains in the North of Morocco, Chefchaouen is famous for its gorgeous blue washed walls. It is fair to say that Chefchaouen is a true social media star and I was adamant on visiting it on my last trip to Morocco. It’s touristy but also an absolute delight. Chefchaouen is a relaxed and charming place to spend a few days, shopping and experiencing local life. The blue walls are incredibly attractive and it’s no wonder why Chefchaouen is the most photogenic town in Morocco. Taking some good photos is definitely an excellent reason to visit Morocco!

The Menara in Marrakech at dusk

First Time in Marrakech: Things You Need To Do

Marrakech is a major city in Morocco, the most important of the four imperial cities, and as a major tourist centre is likely to be your first taste of Morocco. Now a far cry from the hippy mecca of the 1960’s, Marrakech remains fascinating and offers some of the best travel experiences in Morocco. The tourism trade is quite mature and well managed and is available to any budget. Known as Morocco’s Red City due to its pink and ochre fortified walls, Marrakech is equally beguiling, vibrant, colourful and overwhelming. Here are a few things to do for your first time in Marrakech.