The Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk in Sydney

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Sydney is famous for its beautiful beaches, glistening in the sunshine. The northernmost point is no exception. In the suburb of Palm Beach, the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk in Sydney makes for a very pleasant day out.

Palm Beach is the start of the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk
Palm Beach

The Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk in Sydney

At the tip of Palm Beach, Barrenjoey Headland is Sydney’s northernmost point and holds this position in spectacular fashion. Looking back at Sydney, the Barrenjoey Lighthouse towers over the isthmus. The headland offers sweeping views over Pittwater NSW, Broken Bay and the Ku-Ring-Gai National Park.

Views over Palm Beach from the top of the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk
View from the headland

Taking a walk up to the headland is one of the best things to do in Palm Beach.

How to get to Palm Beach Sydney

Palm Beach is about an hour’s drive north of Sydney’s CBD. On the way, you can stop at one of the many Northern Beaches, there are many, but it’s worth spending the day up there.

If you are on public transport, you can take the L90 bus from the CBD (Town Hall, Central or Wynyard) to Palm Beach. It will take a long while, as there are lots of stops. Check the TransportNSW website for timetables.

Governor Phillip Park

The main parking area is near Governor Phillip Park. You can park there for around $20 a day however it gets quite busy in summer and on weekends.

The Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk is not too strenuous
Barrenjoey Lighthouse

There are two tracks leading to the headland. One is the access trail, which you get to via a small stretch of beach on Pittwater. It’s broad, concreted and not too steep. The other is the Smuggler’s Track, which is essentially made of old stone steps and is quite steep at times.

You can do the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk via two different tracks
Barrenjoey Lighthouse Tracks

The Smuggler’s Track is the original pathway to the headland and was built in 1850 by Customs Officers so they could monitor boats bringing contraband into Broken Bay.

The best thing to do is to make a loop by using the Access Trail on the way up as it’s easier and take the Smuggler’s Track on the way down. The views of the isthmus are stunning. The return trip should take about an hour and a half but it’s worth lingering on the headland.

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Standing at 91 metres above sea level, the Barrenjoey Lighthouse was designed by colonial architect James Barnet and was completed in 1881. Governor Phillip initially named the headland “Barrenjuee” in 1788, after the Aboriginal word for “wallaby”.

Take the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk to visit the light station
Barrenjoey Lighthouse

The lighthouse has an original Chance Bros. cast iron and copper lantern house. The keepers quarters have been renovated after a period of neglect and vandalism, and tours of the lighthouse are available on Sundays.

Barrenjoey Headland

While you’re up there, it’s worth taking the time to wander around, there is a path that goes around the headland. To the north, you can see the NSW Central Coast and Bouddi National Park, which has some beautiful NSW beaches. At the entrance of the Hawkesbury River lies Lion Island, a nature reserve only accessible with a special permit.

The Palm Beach isthmus from the top of the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk
The Isthmus

Facing the south, you have the choice between the Tasman Sea and Pittwater, and the promontory on the left is the Bangalley Headland, overlooking Avalon Beach, which is one of Sydney’s best beaches.

West Head Lookout, another Sydney headland is also in the frame.

Palm Beach NSW

Being quite far from the city, Palm Beach is actually fairly quiet, compared to places like Manly or Bondi. It definitely has that holiday feel that some exclusive Sydney suburbs have.

You can find love on the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk
Love Sydney Life!

Palm Beach is also known as “Summer Bay” and is the main filming location of the long-running Australian series “Home and Away“. For die-hard fans, there is an Official Tour with a pick up in the CBD and drop off in Manly.

Palm Beach Sydney Restaurants

After this hearty walk, why not visit one of the local restaurants? They get very busy on weekends but it’s worth booking ahead Barrenjoey House Palm Beach or trying your luck at the more casual Boathouse Palm Beach.

The Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk offers beautiful views over Broken Bay and Lion Island
Lion Island

Both places have a lovely coastal holiday vibe, perfect for escaping urban Sydney for a little while.

Palm Beach Accommodation

If you enjoy the area, why not spend a weekend? Accommodation in Palm Beach NSW can be expensive but there are plenty of really nice places along the Northern Beaches.

The Basin campground is one of the few places where you can find beach camping near Sydney. From the Palm Beach ferry wharf, you can take a charming little boat to The Basin Sydney, also one of the best day trips from Sydney.

Dolphins and Whales

Palm Beach attractions are also in the water… On the day of my visit, there were dolphins frolicking off the beach, much to the delight of surfers and paddleboarders. I didn’t capture them very well with my camera but it was a lovely sight. From May to November, it’s quite common to see whales cruising past.

There were some dolphins in the surf when I finished the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk
A pod of dolphins in the surf

One of Best Day Trips in Sydney

A day trip to Palm Beach on a sunny day is a fabulous change of scenery, with a rewarding walk and an insight into Sydney’s complex coastline. A visit to Palm Beach is a sure way to excite or renew your interest in Sydney. There are so many other viewpoints that you will want to expand your explorations further. The NSW Central Coast is a ferry ride away and a drive to West Head will complete your views of Barrenjoey Lighthouse and Palm Beach.

Beautiful bushland and track on the Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk
Headland in Sydney

If you are looking for more coastal walks around Sydney Harbour, have a read of my posts on North Head, Middle Head and South Head.

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West Head Lookout
in Sydney

Have you trekked up to Barrenjoey Lighthouse? What did you like most about it? Tell me in the comments below!

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Take a hike to Barrenjoey Lighthouse in Palm Beach
Sydney's Palm Beach has a great walk to Barrenjoey Lighthouse
Visit Sydney's northernmost point in Palm Beach
The Barrenjoey Lighthouse walk is a great day trip in Palm Beach
The Barrenjoey Lighthouse Walk is a great day trip in Sydney

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  1. Lovely post! I haven’t been up to Palm Beach for ages, and this made me want to head up this weekend! It’s also a great spot for longboard surfing and swimming as it generally has really calm, small waves. Thanks for sharing! Xx

    1. Hi Katie, it’s great to hear from you! Palm Beach is a little far, that’s why we don’t get there so often… But it is beautiful! And the waves aren’t too big, I’ll have to go in summer next time and go for a swim!

    1. HI Rohini, thank you for dropping by… You’re right, the cove of Palm Beach is reminiscent of Wineglass Bay, I’ve been there on another one of my trips and it’s absolutely beautiful.

  2. ohh that lighthouse looks pretty amazing!!! Sydney looks so amazing 🙂 I really hope i can visit soon! Thanks for the images, they are really pretty!

  3. Australia is one of my dream destinations! The views are stunning- hope to use this article one day when I come to Sydney…;)

    1. Thanks Anna, I’m very pleased you like the views of Sydney. Feel free to bookmark or pin my Sydney articles, they are designed to inspire you to travel to Australia!

  4. I think it is up to us to make trips the best. No matter how gloomy the weather is or how annoying our company is. I love lighthouses so I really like to visit this place someday. I bet the views are more breath-taking in real life.

    1. Hi Jill, I agree with you. That’s why I quite like solo travel from time to time, I get total freedom to go where I want. The Barrenjoey Lighthouse is in a really beautiful spot.

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