List of stunning lookout in the Blue Mountains

10 Stunning Lookouts in Australia’s Blue Mountains

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When I first settled in Sydney, one of my first day trips was to the Blue Mountains. Less than two hours drive away from Sydney, the Blue Mountains are a mountain range famous for their blue hues, high cliffs and deep valleys. Waterfalls dot the landscape and hiking trails meander through the forest. The Blue Mountains are testimony to an early tourism trade in New South Wales and are well worth a day trip, or even a weekend. After passing through many times on my way to Mudgee and more recently to Orange, I decided to explore again and search for sweeping views away from the tourist trail. Here is a list of 10 stunning lookouts in Australia’s Blue Mountains.

Echo Point Lookout

Echo Point is the first lookout to visit in the Blue Mountains

Echo Point is in Katoomba, and is where all the tourist buses will go first. It is quite touristy, but for a reason: it offers sweeping views of the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters, an unusual rock formation that towers over the northern escarpment of the valley.

Relax at the terrace of the Lookout Restaurant in the Blue Mountains

The Lookout Restaurant and Milk Bar also have beautiful views over the valley.

There is a pathway to take out to the Queen Elizabeth Lookout underneath the main platform. The walk is an easy grade but you’ll have to fight the selfie-taking crowds for the iconic shot. Those Blue Mountains lookouts are pretty popular!

There is a very comprehensive Tourist Information Centre nearby and I recommend picking up one of their free maps. This will help you navigate to the various Blue Mountains lookouts.

Three Sisters Bridge

There are many beautiful lookouts in the Blue Mountains

You can get very close to the Three Sisters, just take a left turn before the information office. There is a reasonably large lookout and it’s an easy walk.

The view from the Three Sisters Bridge, one of the many lookouts in the Blue Mountains

A little further on, you can go down to the Three Sisters Bridge but there are some very steep steps. This is also the beginning to the Giant Stairway: 900 steps to the bottom of the valley!

Apart from lookouts the Blue Mountains also have a giant stairwell

Some fantastic views but maybe not for those scared of heights!

Eagle Hawk Lookout

The beautiful Eaglehawk Lookout in the Blue Mountains

After the touristy stuff, I decided to explore further. If you travel by car, there are more Blue Mountains lookouts available than the ones on the bus loop. Eaglehawk is a small lookout, with not much parking space but you get beautiful views over the Three Sisters and Echo Point. It’s easily accessible.

Narrow Neck Lookout

Narrow Neck is one of the lookouts overlooking the Blue Mountains Megalong Valley

Again, this lookout is not on the bus loop. It’s easily accessible and you get a good view of the Narrow Neck Peninsula, a large plateau that separates the Megalong Valley from the Jamison Valley.

Visit the Narrow Neck lookout in the Blue Mountains

Landslide Lookout

There is a place called Landslide Lookout in the Blue Mountains

This lookout is not on the bus loop, so you’ll need a vehicle. When I was there, it was a bit obstructed by trees, however, it is easily accessible.

Hilda’s Lookout

Hilda's Lookout is a well indicated lookout in the Blue Mountains

This Blue Mountains lookout is just off the road and easily accessible. This is a great place to witness a cloud phenomenon specific to the Blue Mountains. The clouds roll over the Narrow Neck Peninsula, going from a valley to another. Some very specific weather conditions are required for this to happen so I suggest you ask the locals or the Tourist Information Centre and get there early in the morning.

Cahills Lookout

Cahills Lookout is one of the most spectacular lookouts in the Blue Mountains

This fantastic lookout is not on the bus loop and has been recently redesigned, so it feels quite luxurious! It’s easily accessible and it offers beautiful views over the Megalong Valley, on the other side of the Narrow Neck Plateau.

Embrace the view over the Blue Mountains from Cahills Lookout

Cahills Lookout is an ideal place to watch the sunset. This lookout is a great find in the Blue Mountains, the view is amazing and there is hardly anyone there.

Honeymoon Lookout

Make a quick stop at Honeymoon Lookout in the Blue Mountains

Heading back towards Leura, the Honeymoon Lookout offers views over the Jamison Valley. The Honeymoon Lookout is serviced by the bus loop.

Jamison Valley offers iconic views from various lookouts in the Blue Mountains

Gordon Falls Lookout

Gordon Falls Lookout is serviced by the bus loop. The grade is medium.

The view from Gordon Falls Lookout over the Blue Mountains at the end of the day

The views over the Jamison Valley are outstanding and you get to see the other side of the Three Sisters.

Sublime Point Lookout

I recommend visiting Sublime Point Lookout in the Blue Mountains

Sublime Point Lookout is not of the bus loop and is a little more difficult to find. The access is medium, with some steep stairs. However, the views from there are spectacular, over the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters.

Other Sights and Experiences

Leura Cascade

After visiting the Blue Mountains lookouts, you can stop at Leura Cascade

Leura Cascade is a 10-minute walk down a gorge. In my view, the cascade is not too spectacular but you get a nice view over the Jamison Valley at the end.

There is one more Blue Mountains lookout at Leura Cascade

Scenic World

The Blue Mountains are becoming known as an adventure destination. Check out the various attractions offered by Scenic World here.

How to Get to the Blue Mountains

You can see the Three Sisters from several lookouts in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are less than two hours from Sydney and you have a range of transport options.

This includes access by train from Central Station and the Explorer Bus.

The Blue Mountains are a great day trip out of Sydney and you can easily get away from the tourist hustle and bustle to discover breathtaking yet secluded viewpoints. The Blue Mountains fully deserve their name. Their magic lies in the different blue hues spread across the horizon. The air is crisp, clear and overlooking an ocean of green forest, you get a sense of calm infinity. Therefore, a day trip or a weekend in the Blue Mountains is an ideal opportunity to disconnect and relax. If you are looking for other day trip ideas from Sydney, I can recommend The Basin, Barrenjoey Headland and West Head Lookout in Sydney’s North. Also, if you are taking a southbound trip, don’t miss the villages of Berry, Berrima and Kangaroo Valley. Further on, you can also discover Jervis Bay and Batemans Bay.

For more stunning lookouts around Sydney, don’t miss Middle Head, North Head and South Head.

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Have you been to the Blue Mountains lookouts? And how was your experience? Please tell me in the comments below.

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The Blue Mountains are an easy drive less than 2 hours from Sydney, NSW. There are many stunning lookouts with sweeping views over the blue valleys.
The Blue Mountains have some stunning lookouts
The lookouts in the Blue Mountains are a great thing to see
Sightseeing in the Blue Mountains will take you to some beautiful lookouts

28 thoughts on “10 Stunning Lookouts in Australia’s Blue Mountains”

  1. I absolutely LOVED our visit to the Blue Mountains last year! What an incredible place!!! We took wonderful pictures and videos to remember the beautiful sights you have captured above! Wonderful post and I cannot recommend the Blue Mountains enough to anyone visiting Sydney!

    1. Bethany, I agree with you, the Blue Mountains are stunning. And the great thing is that they’re not that far from Sydney so it’s an easy day trip!

    1. Hi Samantha, there is so much to see in Australia, it’s hard to choose… I do recommend the Blue Mountains as a day trip from Sydney if that’s all the time you have, there is plenty to see.

    1. I hope you have a great time in Australia. Don’t forget that the Blue Mountains are on the way to Mudgee, I have another blog post about this fantastic wine region!

  2. Those mountains are stunning! When you look at then you must forget how small Australia is ( well comparing to other places like America or Azia 🙂 ) Your photos are breathtaking! I hope I will get a chance to visit that wonderful place one day!

    1. Hi Ada, Australia feels huge to me as I grew up in France… Imagine flying 5 hours to reach the west coast, that’s like flying to Africa when you live in Europe! I’m pleased that you like my photos, and I hope you get a chance to visit Australia some day!

  3. I love all of the lookouts in the Mountains! Leura Cascades is my favourite spot to visit, too, because you can do a long walk or shorter! And the kids love the playground there 🙂

  4. I’ve heard of the blue mountains but never been. I’ve only ever been to Melbourne area. I hiked around the Grampians and saw did and Great Ocean Road tour which was fun! Hope to come back to Australia some day.

    1. Hi Jessica, I have some blog posts on the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians you might want to have a look at. The Grampians also have a little bit of that blue hue… If you come to Sydney, do visit the Blue Mountains, they are a beautiful sight!

  5. These views really are stunning. Visiting Australia has been on my bucket list for years now. I hope to one day finally make it there and be able to take in some of these views in person.

    1. Hi Danielle, Australia is a beautiful country with lots of breathtaking views. I really hope you get a chance to visit some day, you won’t regret it!

  6. anniesnomsblog

    Oh my gosh all of these are just spectacular!! I’ve never been to Australia, but my partner has (years before we met) and he’s told me how gorgeous it is. Maybe we will have to go one day as I’m a sucker for beautiful scenery!

    1. Hi Joyce, Australia is a very diverse country. It’s true that the coast gets a lot of attention, the beach are so incredibly beautiful. But there is a lot to see inland as well.

  7. I have been to Sydney so many times but have never yet visited the blue mountains! it’s a shame as it’ such a beautiful spot, as you’ve showed in all of your lovely pictures here. One day I will go and visit, maybe when the boys are a little older! 🙂

    Hope you have a great weekend ahead of you! 🙂

  8. I am blessed to have grown up in the Blue Mountains, there is beauty everywhere you look, love of this place and it’s creatures will be etched deep in my soul forever <3 you must come and see why we love it here so much.

    1. Hi Letitia, I’m so pleased my blog post resonated with you! I understand why it’s such a popular visit for people visiting or living in Sydney. I know I will be going back regularly !

  9. This is so lovely! I have an application for permanent residency in Australia. I’m so excited to go there because of your photos. I love nature so much and it’s sad that i just see tall buildings and sand here in Dubai. Can’t wait to move to Australia! 🙂

    1. Hi Lissy, nature is very mighty in Australia, and even the cities are very green and diverse. There is desert also but not many people live there… Good luck with the PR application!

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