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A New Find: The Beaches Market in Sydney

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How long do you have to live in a city before you can feel you’ve seen everything there is to see? I’ve been living in Sydney for fifteen years, and for a long while, I spent my weekends hungrily exploring and discovering everything: neighbourhoods, beaches, parks, markets… I would try new restaurants and cafes, or attend special events. Also, I would drive around, hop on the ferry, climb hills and various vantage points to take in the sights. I would marvel about the beauty and diversity of Sydney, its spread, its proximity to the ocean. At the beginning, the discovery of a new city is exhilarating. As you’re not just passing through, you have all the time in the world, and every weekend is filled with visits and experiences. Yet, after a while, you form habits. And the longer you stay, the easier it is to let the discovery pass you by. Let me tell you about a new find: the Beaches Market in Sydney.

I am embarking on a new exploration of Sydney and I am actively seeking new experiences and places I haven’t been before. I have a passion for markets, for their diversity and the leisurely approach: walk around, taste, sample, view, touch, chat. In this blog post, I have selected 5 Essential Food Markets. Sydney has no shortage of Cool and Hip markets and I thought I had seen them all… If you’re especially into handmade products, I also recommend the Finders Keepers Market.

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Sydney’s North

The Beaches Market is a fair drive from the centre of town, so it’s an idea to visit it on the way to Sydney’s North. If you are looking for a relaxing location in Sydney, check out The Basin, Barrenjoey Lighthouse or West Head Lookout.

The Beaches Market takes place every Friday, from 8 am to 1 pm at Pittwater Rugby Park in Warriewood.

Handmade Wares

The Beaches Market has a focus on handmade and organic wares. It’s a very good place to look for handmade gifts and food treats.

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The homewares, cushions and gifts available are diverse and beautiful. The Beaches Market can help you redecorate your house in no time !

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The Food

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There is a good selection of food, with various small producers showcasing their products. Being French, I was tempted by the dried sausages and the crepes !

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A Market for Families

There is very much a family feel at the Beaches Market, with a jumping castle and a stall selling wooden toys. So much better than plastic !

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Makers and Designers

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One of my favourite things when visiting markets is to discover new makers and designers. From Frida Kahlo purses to your favourite pets on cushion covers, the Beaches Market has a lot of quirky wares.

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My Best Finds

I have two favourite makers from the Beaches Market: Mar and Par’s make beautiful chopping boards of all shapes and sizes. I love the natural feel of the wood and to see the grain and colours.

lesterlost-travel-australia-nsw-sydney-beaches-market-mar-and-par-wooden-boards (1)

Espadrilles originate from Spain, but they are very popular in France. To me, they are synonymous of lazy summers and casual strolls on the beach… Considering the beautiful climate in Sydney, it is only natural that Ritmo Bcn is now offering those cool clogs in Australia!

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The Beach

On your way out, don’t forget to drop by one of the beautiful beaches nearby. This is a view of North Narrabeen, how beautiful!

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Have you visited the Beaches Market in Sydney? Tell me about your experience and any other finds in the comments below!

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The Beaches Markets in Sydney's North is a great new find. Celebrate and shop handmade in a relaxed environment.

14 thoughts on “A New Find: The Beaches Market in Sydney”

  1. Australia is at the top of my bucket list. I love that you’ve shown something that many posts don’t show. We all see the usual photos and touristy places but little places like this market make it even more interesting for me.

    1. Hi Lisa, Sydney is such a diverse place, there are plenty to sights to enjoy around the suburbs, not everything is around the harbour. I hope you make it to Sydney sometime!

  2. You always find the best markets! Another one to add to my list of markets to visit. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cindy's Travel Diaries

    Tes photos sont magnifiques ! Et ca donne envie d’y aller ! J’ai passé 7 mois en Australie et je suis tombée amoureuse de l’Australie !! Je n’ai pas eu le temps de faire Sydney mais I’ll be back (Terminator voice) 😀

        1. Oui, en effet, c’est grand… Mais c’est bien parce qu’il y a toujours des endroits sans personne, ce qui change de l’Europe. J’ai vécu pres de 4 ans a Perth, et c’est vrai que la cote est magnifique et sauvage mais je préfère vivre sur la cote est!

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