The Blue Boat House in Perth, Western Australia

The Best Places to Explore on Your Perth Itinerary

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When most visitors concentrate on visiting the Eastern states of Australia, the impossibly large and dry Western coast deserves a mention. Western Australia accounts for almost half of the continent and is a worthwhile destination, especially for a road trip. It was my first port of call when I moved to Australia and I was amazed to discover the variety of wildflowers. To help you plan your West Australian adventure, I have a list of the best places to explore on your Perth itinerary.

Where to Stay in Perth?

Perth is quite spread out so it’s hard to pick a place where you will be really close to everything. Perth accommodation is varied and in recent years, many boutique hotels have appeared.

Perth city accommodation used to be either really daggy or very expensive, it’s a bit more varied now.

Having lived there years ago, I think the best places to stay in Perth are either by the beach or around the city, near restaurants and public transport. There are also some good options in slightly more residential areas.

To help you find the right accommodation in Perth, I have selected a few options in the chapters below.

Perth Beaches

Ask any Perth-born person and they’ll tell you that the best beaches in the world are in Perth. Is it an exaggeration? Locals take that statement pretty seriously and I tend to believe them. Going to the beach is one of the most natural things to do in Perth.

Being on the Indian Ocean, Perth has plenty of pristine, seemingly endless beaches. Overcrowding is much less of a problem on Perth beaches than it is in other places like Sydney, for example. 

White sand, turquoise blue waters, the best beaches in Perth are a perfect postcard! Here is a selection of my favourite Perth beaches…

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach has a slightly up-market, turn-of-the-century feel thanks to the iconic Indiana Cottesloe Beach. Right on the beach, you can grab a bite to eat or have a drink after your swim.

Don't miss Cottesloe Beach on your Perth itinerary
Cottlesloe Beach

With its grand old homes on the waterfront, Cottesloe is a mix of chic residential neighbourhood and casual beach suburb… On my last visit, I really felt there was a village atmosphere…

City Beach

City Beach always gets my vote. Safely tucked between two rocky points , City Beach is home to families, groups of friends and visitors. 

City Beach is my favourite of Perth beautiful beaches
City Beach in Perth

There is a comfortable and somewhat sheltered grass area where you can set up your picnic and what the sun go down. Western Australia has some spectacular sunsets!

Floreat Beach

Floreat Beach is a wilder beach, tucked behind the sand dunes. It is less crowded than Cottesloe Beach and therefore very popular with the locals.

In Perth, Floreat Beach is a favourite of the locals
Floreat Beach in Perth

If you are looking for places to explore in Perth, Floreat Beach is where to feel far away from it all…

Scarborough Beach

Continuing north along West Coast Hwy, Scarborough Beach is the fun beach of Perth, with restaurants, night clubs and now a public swimming pool. 

Scarborough Beach is one of the best places to visit in Perth
Scarborough Beach in Perth

It is as gorgeous as the other Perth beaches and the seafront has been redeveloped in the last few years. I lived in Scarborough for several years, it’s more polished than it was but the pub and some of the cafes haven’t changed much!

Scarborough Beach is a great place to stay in Perth.

Trigg Beach

Further north, Trigg Beach is popular with surfers and has some beautiful sand dunes.

Go to Trigg Beach if you are wondering what to do in Perth
Trigg Beach in Perth

Yanchep Lagoon

Most Perth beaches are open onto the Indian Ocean and the surf can be dangerous. Yanchep Lagoon is an hour’s drive from Perth CBD but is sheltered by a reef. There is still an open beach but if you have young children or want to go for a snorkel, Yanchep Lagoon is an excellent choice.

Yanchep Lagoon should feature on your Perth itinerary
Yanchep Lagoon in Perth

Yanchep Lagoon colours are so stunning they probably feature in every Perth travel guide!

Elizabeth Quay

Most Perth tours include a stop at Elizabeth Quay, which has been redeveloped not so long ago. Close to the CBD, it’s growing into a pleasant night spot with a microbrewery, an ice-cream parlour and gardens. 

You should explore Elizabeth Quay on your Perth itinerary
Elizabeth Quay in Perth

The views on the Swan River are beautiful but the area has yet to grow a real personality in my opinion. Still, it’s better than what the Perth waterfront was a few years and it’s a departure point for the ferry to Rottnest Island.

Elizabeth Quay comes to life at night and I would recommend this CBD Studio in Perth.

The Bell Tower

The Bell Tower is a pointy glass spire fronted by copper sails, a little reminiscent of the sails of the Sydney Opera House. It contains the royal bells of London’s St Martin in the Fields, the oldest one dating back to 1550.

The Bell Tower is a Perth icon
The Bell Tower in Perth

The bells were gifted by the British Government to Western Australia in 1988. The Bell Tower was subject to much controversy when it was first built but today it’s a familiar silhouette on the Perth skyline. 

There is a 360-degree view from the top, however the tower feels as though it’s drowning in new buildings due to the Elizabeth Quay redevelopment.

If you are interested in visiting the Bell Tower, you can book a guided tour. Check out additional information and current tour prices.


In the east side of the city, Claisebrook is a charming little cove with a few cafes and restaurants. You can easily get there from the city on the CAT bus or by train. Dolphins sometimes visit the cove at night and there is a footpath snaking around the edge of the Swan River, with views over the Matagarup Bridge and the Optus Stadium.

Claisebrook is one of the places to visit in Perth
Claisebrook Cove in Perth

If you are keen to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, East Perth is a very convenient location.

The Matagarup Bridge

The Matagarup Bridge is a walkway linking East Perth to Burswood, enabling easy access to the Optus Stadium. Its elegant shape is reminiscent of two swans facing each other.

The Matagarup Bridge is one of the new things to see in Perth
Matagarup Bridge in Perth

It’s a nice walk from Claisebrook to the bridge and then on to Burswood.

The Optus Stadium

As is true in the rest of Australia, sporting events play an important part in the Perth lifestyle. The sunny and dry climate lends itself very well to outdoor activities and sports. The new Optus Stadium is Perth’s pride and joy in that regard and combines events around Aussie Rules, Soccer, Cricket and Rugby. 

You will come across the Optus stadium on your Perth travel iitinerary
The Optus Stadium in Perth

So this the place to be for sporting events when you visit Perth!

And for a pre or post game drink, visit the Camfield, apparently Australia’s largest pub!

The Swan River

Before taking the name of Perth, the settlement established in 1829 was known as the Swan River Colony. The Swan River is a beautiful body of water that runs all the way to Fremantle.

One of the things to do in Perth is to take a cruise on the Swan River. Check out additional information and current tour prices.

Cruising the Swan River is one of Perth highlights
The Swan River in Perth

Alternatively, it’s a good place for boating and fishing. and there are numerous picnic spots along its banks.

In Perth, the Swan River is the boundary between “north of the river” and “south of the river”. People in Perth often introduce themselves as being from one side or the other…

Dolphins are also a fairly common sight in the Swan River so keep your eyes peeled…

Kings Park

Kings Park is one of the places to explore on your Perth itinerary. The park is on the western side of the city, overlooking the Swan River. There are no less than 400 hectares of land, ranging from bushland to manicured laws.

The Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens contain some 2000 plants, all indigenous to Western Australia.

Explore the Kings Park Botanic Gardens when you visit Perth
Botanic Gardens in Kings Park, Perth

The State War Memorial

Australia loves to celebrate its fallen soldiers... The State War Memorial is a striking monument with fantastic views over the city and the Swan River.

The War Memorial Park in Kings Park is one of the best places to visit in Perth
The State War Memorial in Kings Park

Kings Park is a great place for picnics, or you can enjoy the café, or Frasers, the more upmarket restaurant. The gift shop is actually excellent for books and quality Australian souvenirs.

DNA Tower

Climb the Kings Park DNA Tower when you visit Perth
The DNA Tower in Kings Park

This quirky construction is not as busy as some other parts of Kings Park. The views from up there go far…

Federation Walkway

The Federation Walkway in Kings Park is a place to explore on your Perth itinerary
The Federation Walkway in Perth’s Kings Park

This walkway is a relatively recent addition to Kings Park and a donation is encouraged. Apart from the views over the Swan River and the Brewery, I really liked the walk amongst the treetops.

On my last visit there, I found there was a great contrast between the bushland and the more manicured areas of the park. But that’s the charm of Kings Park, so I encourage you to explore beyond these landmarks.

The Blue Boatshed

You may have encountered it on social media or a Perth travel guide, the blue boatshed at Crawley is a bit of an icon…

The blue boat shed should be on your Perth itinerary
The Blue Boat Shed in Perth

The boatshed was first built in the 1930s and has been renovated since. It’s a simple building and it makes a beautiful photography spot, especially at dawn or dusk, when the colours over Matilda Bay evolve from orange to purple…

The blue boatshed is off Mounts Bay Road however there is nowhere to stop nearby. The best access is through Kings Park. If you stop at the Swan carpark, you will find a footpath through the bush and stairs taking you down to Mounts Bay Road. There is no pedestrian crossing though so be careful when you cross the road.

Lake Monger

Black swans are an emblem of Western Australia. One of the places to visit in Perth to see black swans is Lake Monger. You can find several spots to stop along the way and you are guaranteed to see black swans and other water birds. No feeding the birds though!

See the black swans at Lake Monger when you visit Perth
Black Swans at Lake Monger in Perth

One of my favourite Perth stories from my time there is when cars stop altogether on the road along Lake Monger to allow the ducks to cross… It happens often in spring when ducklings are around…

Sunday Sesh at the Pub

This West Australian tradition is nowhere near as popular in Perth as it is in the Eastern States. The “Sunday Sesh” is all about socialising with friends around a drink or two, often watching a sports game. 

Indulge in the pub scene when you visit Perth
Sunday session in Perth

The Sunday session happens in many of the large pubs around Perth and it should really feature in your Perth itinerary, especially in the old pubs around Fremantle.

Coming from Paris, it took me a little while to get my head around this tradition but it’s really nice and relaxing…


The port city of Fremantle is only 15 km south of the city and one of the best day trips from Perth. Fremantle is many things to Perth: a historical and cultural centre, an active harbour and a great place for nightlife.

Many things in Fremantle will feature on your Perth itinerary and you shouldn’t miss it!

The Fremantle Prison

Free settlers established the Swan River Colony in 1829, although Albany in South West WA was founded a few years before. Life was a struggle for many years. Convicts were finally sent to the colony in 1850 to help with building the infrastructure. One of the first buildings was the Prison. Initially designed to house convicts, the building became a high-security prison until it was definitely closed in 1991.

Visit the Fremantle Prison on a day trip from Perth
Fremantle Prison

You can choose various tours at the Fremantle Prison, depending on which era is of interest. You can combine a tour of the Prison with the local tram. Check out additional information and current tour prices.

Understandably, the stories you will hear at the Fremantle Prison are not the most fun, but the visit will open your eyes onto Australia’s convict history. Indeed, this essential aspect of Australia’s history started in the neighbourhood of The Rocks in Sydney.

The Fremantle Markets

This was one of my first day trips around Perth and I have fond memories of it. The covered market holds many stalls offering various souvenirs and local handmade objects, as well as a fresh food section.

The Fremantle Markets are one of the best day trips in from Perth
Fremantle Markets

Much to my delight, the French crèperie is still there!

Maritime History

Fremantle still has a strong seafaring identity, which makes it quite different to the rest of Perth.

The Fremantle Maritime Museum is one of the things to do in Perth
Fremantle Maritime Museum in Perth

Visit the WA Maritime Museum and the WA Shipwrecks Museum to learn more about the colonial and migration history of Western Australia.

Both museums are worth visiting. The Maritime Museum has a great collection of boats hanging from the ceiling… And the Shipwrecks Museum tells the sad yet fascinating story of the Batavia…

Cappuccino Strip

Fremantle has a strong Italian heritage and the main street bears the nickname of Capuccino Strip, as a homage to the cafés and restaurants lining it. Enjoy a pizza and an espresso! Seafood is also high on the menu.

Roam down Capuccino Strip in Fremantle on a weekend trip  from Perth
Cappuccino Strip in Fremantle

Fremantle Street Art

With its quirky and slightly hippy identity, Fremantle is a fantastic street art centre. You can easily spend a bit of time in South Fremantle to find some spectacular wall art.

Find some great Perth street art in Fremantle
Street art in Fremantle

Fremantle is that great you should dedicate sufficient time to visiting it as part of your Perth itinerary. You can easily spend two days enjoying its relaxing vibe.

Rottnest Island

In case you haven’t seen enough Perth beautiful beaches, then consider a day trip to Rottnest Island. This beautiful island, very popular for family holidays is great to explore on bicycle. Similarly to Kangaroo Island and Bruny Island, although on a much smaller scale, wildlife is plentiful. Rottnest Island is home to fur seals, dolphins and the famous quokkas.

The island was named by the Dutch explorer De Vlamingh, Rottnest meaning “rat’s nest” in Dutch.

Rottnest Island is a great day trip from Perth, taking a ferry from Fremantle or Elizabeth Quay.

If you want to stay overnight on Rottnest Island, I can suggest Karma Rottnest but make sure you book early in high season, the island gets pretty booked up.

Perth Street Art

This is a development since I lived there, but the Perth street art scene is incredibly lively and could almost rival that of Melbourne. From beach suburbs to residential neighbourhoods and even more rural communities, street art is everywhere and you could easily dedicate a whole day of your Perth itinerary to finding striking murals and little gems. 

Perth street art is great day tour
Perth Street Art

The suburbs of Claremont, Highgate, Leederville, Maylands, Mount Hawthorn, Northbridge, Victoria Park, Subiaco and Perth CBD have some fantastic examples of street art.

You can take a 2-hour walking tour of Perth CBD to take in the inner city art. Check out more information and current tour prices.

Perth Zoo

One of the most entertaining places to visit in Perth, whether you are young or not so young, is Perth Zoo. I remember it as a revelation in my early Perth days. Having grown up in France, I was used to cramped and dirty spaces, with seemingly unhappy animals looking forlorn in small cages.

Include the zoo on your Perth trip itinerary
Perth Zoo

On the contrary, Perth Zoo lies on over 40 hectares of land, with plenty of space for animals. If you are keen to learn more about Australian wildlife, the zoo is one of the best places to visit in Perth, as they are involved in many animal conservation projects.

The Best Time to Visit Perth

Perth has a Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers, and mild and wet winters. Don’t forget that the seasons are inverted compared to the Northern Hemisphere, so January in the middle of summer!

As a former resident of Western Australia, I would say that the best time to visit Perth would be spring or autumn. I still love summer, but temperatures above 35° are not uncommon.

The main thing you will notice when you visit Perth, is how bright the light is. Also, the sun rises and sets early, so people tend to live quite early.

Beyond Perth

Perth is a great starting point for a road trip in Western Australia. On my last trip, I also visited WA’s South West, Albany and its Historic Whaling Station. North of Perth, Kalbarri on the Coral Coast is a great road trip.

Perth Street Art

Australia West Coast

Things to do in Albany

Have you been to Perth? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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40 thoughts on “The Best Places to Explore on Your Perth Itinerary”

    1. Hi Lyn, I lived in Perth for almost 4 years when I first arrived in Australia. I was very happy to move to Sydney but I now enjoy going back and seeing all the new things in Perth.

    1. Hi Anne, Perth has improved a lot in the last 5 years. It stayed the same for many years and then major projects started happening. Restaurants and pubs are still pretty expensive as a legacy of the mining boom but I enjoy going back for the beaches.

  1. Everybody always thinks of Perth is being a very modern, new city, but it’s got some wonderful historic buildings. I particularly like Fremantle for its history and architecture. What I didn’t realise was the amount of quality street art – you’ve done a great job showcasing that. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jo, Fremantle has some wonderful old buildings, especially the shipping merchant ones. I also love the old homes behind the prison, I’ll have to do another excursion when I go back. I have yet to showcase the extend of Fremantle’s street art, there is a lot more!

  2. I live in Perth and these suggestions are all good ones! We hardly ever go to Claisebrook though, so it was great to have a reminder that it is there. We will have to go there soon. Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Hi Rochelle, I stay near Claisebrook which is why I know it. It’s quite nice, I like the walk around the cove to the Matagarup Bridge. There is also a nice cafe for brunch!

  3. We will definitely visit Australia one day and when we do, Perth is on our list! Those beaches are amazing! And I’d love to visit the Bell Tower. It’s such a cool design.

    1. Hi Joanne, most people visit the Eastern states on their first visit to Australia, and they are great. However, the west is quite fascinating too. Lots of empty space and long drive, so it’s ideal for a road trip.

  4. We did not have enough time in Perth, but we did manage to visit over half the spots you mention here. I love the street art in both Perth and Fremantle, however, Kings Park was my favourite. Stunning photos. Great memories.

    1. Hi Rhonda, Perth is ok, as they say. I have a soft spot for Fremantle too, I love its mix of colonial history, maritime identity and cool pub scene. And of course the street art is fantastic!

  5. City Beach is my local haunt when I’m in Perth as my boyfriend’s relatives live up the hill from it – which makes for a fun walk back. The others look lovely though so I might have to make them take me on an outing next time I go. Thanks for giving me some ideas.

    1. I love City Beach too! I lived in Scarborough for several years but City Beach is quieter and the surf is less dangerous. Still, it’s hard to find a bad beach in Perth!

  6. We haven’t been to Australia yet, but it’s on our bucket list! And when we go one day, we’ll certainly spend some time in Perth. The beaches all look so beautiful, especially Scarborough Beach, which looks a lot like South Beach in Miami, Florida! The only problem is that we can only travel to Australia (or anywhere faraway) in July and August. That’s winter down there… do you think that it is still worth it to visit Perth at that time of the year?

    1. Hi Mei & Kerstin, July and August is winter indeed but that’s quite mild in Australia. Of course, there can be a bit of welcome rain but it’s great to travel around when it’s not too hot. Winter is quite mild in Perth so you can expect some beautiful days without the dry heat.

  7. This is a really good guide, Delphine. I went to visit a friend in Perth a few years ago. I really enjoyed Fremantle, it’s such a cool town. I think I actually preferred it to Perth itself. The prison tour was really good and I managed to visit Rottnest Island too where I saw plenty of the cute quokkas (plus a bonus whale spotting on the ferry across!). Hopefully I’ll go back sometime. Just a shame it’s so isolated from the rest of the country, but there’s a lot to see around Perth.

    1. Hi Stuart, I agree with you that Fremantle is that much cooler than Perth itself. In a way, Fremantle makes Perth that much more enjoyable. I visited the Prison on my last visit and found it really interesting even though it’s not exactly a joyful place. I went to Rottnest Island a few years ago and I really want to go back. It’s such a cool thing to see a whale on the way back!

  8. That’s a lot of places to visit in Perth. The Fremantle prison is an interesting site. So are the botanic gardens, the towers, bridges and stadium. I would love to spend a week there to explore it all.

    1. You could easily spend a week in Perth and enjoy its slow vibe, but make sure you include Fremantle in your visit. I am currently preparing a new article about Fremantle, so stay tuned!

  9. So many wonderful places mentioned here. I haven’t been to Perth for a long time, so I think I need to visit again. I haven’t seen the Bell Tower, that reminds me of the Shard in London. The beaches look divine and I would like to visit Rottnest Island too.

  10. Omg this is a perfect itinerary for someone who will visit Perth for the first time (me). As a beach lover, would love to visit those beaches and that lagoon . The views are amazing. The Bell tower looks interesting too. Also love the street art. Hope to visit soon. Thanks for sharing!

    1. As they say “Perth is OK”… It’s a pleasant city for a few days. The biggest attraction is the beach, I think. The beaches in Western Australia are the best in the world.

  11. The one thing that drew my attention was the Federation Walkway in Perth’s Kings Park. What a lovely path for a walk! I wouldn’t miss the Cappuccino Strip and the Fremantle Street Art. Great list of activities here!

    1. Hi Punita, the Federation Walkway is indeed a lovely walk through the tree tops and the view over the Swan River is beautiful. You would love the street art, I’m about to write a new article about Fremantle!

  12. The beaches along the Indian Ocean in Perth are worth visiting. Cottesloe Beach is truly stunning with blue waters with grand old homes. Elizabeth Quay looks trendy and stunning.

    1. Hi Yukti, the beaches in Perth are probably the most beautiful in the world. And you get an amazing view of the sunset, so it’s really perfect!

  13. Perth has been on my radar for only a few weeks, but I’m considering it for a vacation maybe in August of this year. Your post is pushing me closer to saying yes and committing. The beaches are stunning, and I am all about the cool, unique structures such as the Bell Tower, the Matagarup Bridge, and the DNA Tower. Cappuccino Strip sounds heavenly, and I’d also never heard of the “Sunday Sesh” before reading your post. Next time I meet an Australian, I’ll have to ask them about that; it sounds fun! Thanks for your detailed post. If I decide to go, I’ll definitely use this guide as a resource!

    1. Hi Kevin, the “Sunday Sesh” is a very West Australian thing to do. I live in Sydney and I don’t hear about it here too much. If you speak to someone from Perth, they’ll certainly have fond memories of it!

  14. You wouldn’t be able to keep me away from those gorgeous beaches! I can’t get over those beautiful blue waters. I’d also love to spend a sunny afternoon in Elizabeth Quay. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Carmen, Western Australia is famous for its gorgeous beaches… And Perth people are very lucky to have that on their doorstep, I agree it’s very special!

  15. This is such a great and comprehensive post. I live just down the road in Mandurah and its nice to read about my local neighbourhood. I forget sometimes how much there is to explore after being here 7 years. I love Rottnest Island and Kings Park too. I would add the Shipwreck Museum to the list of Freo because I find the history of the Batavia and other shipwrecks to interesting.

    1. Hi Suzy, I am currently writing an article on Fremantle with more information on the Shipwrecks Museum. I agree with you that the Batavia is such a fascinating story. Kings Park has some great views of the city and the Swan River and I really want to go back to Rottnest Island on my next trip. I heard you can swim with dolphins in Mandurah so I might have to get down there too!

    1. Hi Ann, we must have been in Perth at the same time, I was there when I first moved to Australia. I did drive through Esperance and camped at Cape LeGrand National Park, it was absolutely stunning. On my bucket list for next time!

  16. Ooh, Perth is the one city I haven’t been to in Oz. It looks quite tranquil. Love the beaches and the street art. You inspired me to check it out!

  17. Perth beaches look amazing and truly pristine. Adding it to my travel bucket list right away. I have keen interest in wildlife too and Perth Zoo seems worth visiting.

    1. Hi Rashmi, Perth beaches are very impressive but swimming can be dangerous in some places… I agree that Perth Zoo is really good. Coming from Europe, I was amazing at how much space there is for the animals. Zoos are never an ideal setting to keep animals but this one is better than other ones!

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