This mural by Sarah McCloskey is called Pink

The Best Walking Tour of Perth Street Art

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If you are looking for what to do in Perth, apart from the gorgeous beaches, I can suggest the best walking tour of Perth Street Art. There are a fair few famous graffiti artists who have left their mark and it’s one of the best free things to do in Perth. 

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The Best Walking Tour of Perth Street Art

In my view, there are few Perth attractions that will surprise you more than street art. Whilst it’s not the easiest place to get around on foot, the Perth climate makes outdoor activities really pleasant. I find it a little difficult to pick the best time to visit Perth but, for this activity, I would avoid the hottest days of summer and the heavy rains of winter.

The laneways of Perth have some great street art
Street Art in Mount Lawley

You can get to most of these places on trains and buses, however if you want to see everything in a short period of time, you may need a vehicle.

I visited many different suburbs over several days however, if all you have is a couple of hours, I recommend a 2-hour art and culture tour. Check out additional information and current tour prices.


The upmarket suburb of Claremont is not one you would necessarily associate with gritty street art, like the one you can find in Melbourne and, indeed there isn’t much there. Still, the most fun things to do in Claremont would have to involve finding the mural at the rear of 21 Bayview Terrace, behind a shop called Highs & Lows.

Kyle Hughes-Odgers. Highs & Lows, rear 21 Bayview Terrace, Claremont

This mural was painted by Kyle Hughes-Odgers in 2012
Kyle Hughes-Odgers in Claremont

This mural was painted by Kyle Hughes-Odgers in 2012. Access via the Gugeri Street carpark.

That’s the only one I found in Claremont but that should get you started on all the street art stuff to do in Perth…


As one of the inner city suburbs of Perth, Highgate is equally popular for nightlife and brunch… On the side of the Mary Street Bakery, in a small park.

Robert Jenkins. Mary Street Bakery, 507 Beaufort Street, Highgate

The goat by Robert Jenkins in Highgate, Perth
Robert Jenkins in Highgate

Along the wall is a dreamy fresco by local artist Robert Jenkins. You’ll see a fair bit from him around so it’s worth including in your Perth itinerary. The seated goat and giraffe are assisted by Robert Jenkins’ trademark little blue men and a fair amount of butterflies. There is great movement and poetry in this mural.

Giraffe and butterflies by Robert Jenkins in Highgate
Robert Jenkins in Highgate

Highgate is not a big Perth tourist spot but it has quite a bit of hidden street art in the lanes behind Beaufort Street. When you are looking for street art, exploring the back lanes if what you must do in Perth.


Another inner suburb of Perth rich in popular bars and restaurants, Leederville does very well in terms of street art. If you are looking for an urban break from the Perth beaches, I recommend trying a few of the Leederville cafés.

Goat Dreaming by Robert Jenkins. Laneway near 112 Oxford Street, Leederville

This goat is dreaming in Leederville, Perth
Robert Jenkins in Leederville

I wonder if the goat has a special meaning for Robert Jenkins, it seems to be a popular theme… This fresco is striking and almost overwhelming.

Pink by Sarah McCloskey. 112 Oxford Street, Leederville

This mural by Sarah McCloskey is called Pink
Sarah McCloskey in Leederville

In this iconic street art mural, Sarah McCloskey gives us a perfect combination: the movement of the pink hair contrasts beautifully against the photo perfect face. It’s most likely one of Perth highlights!

Aliens by Martin E. Wills, Laneway near 112 Oxford Street, Leederville

You can find street art aliens in Leederville
Martin Wills in Leederville

The Aliens have three eyes and seem to float through the air, which could be expected in this mural by Martin E. Wills. The sliced bodies are a bit more of a surprise.

Water Corp Building, 629 Newcastle Street, Leederville

Water swirling on the water corporation building in Leederville
DAL EAst in Leederville

The Water Corporation Building has an appropriate water-based tall mural by Chinese artist DAL East. I took the photo in poor light, unfortunately. I would recommend a visit towards the end of the day.

DAL East has created a remarkable piece expressing the fluidity and strength of water.

YMCA HQ, 60A Frame Court, Leederville

This is just near the Water Corp building and there is plenty to see in a small area. If you go there on a weekend, it’s very likely to be quiet. Local Perth artists have transformed this seemingly boring area in a haven of colour and creativity.

Artist: Too Much Colour Crew

There is never too much colour in street art
Too Much Colour Crew in Leederville

Artist: Dolus “Play”

Street art is about playing
Dolus in Leederville

Artist: Newso (Leederville Skatepark)

Street art by Newso in Leederville, Perth
Newso in Leederville

Artist: Baby Nae “Red Head”

The skate park in Leederville has some great street art
Baby Nae in Leederville

Artist: Zac Freshwater

Street art by Zac Freshwater in Perth
Zac Freshwater in Leederville

If you only have a little time for street art, Leederville is one of the best places to visit in Perth. And once you are done, try one of the Leederville restaurants.


Maylands is an old residential suburb of Perth, with plenty of charming old houses with overgrown gardens. It’s a little out of the way and you can get there on the train but it’s worth adding to your Perth travel itinerary.

It also has some of Perth’s most well-known street art.

Giraffes by Anya Brock, 38 Eighth Avenue, Maylands

Those colourful giraffes are in Maylands, in Perth
Anya Brock in Maylands

Anya Brock has a unique style, taking monochrome concepts and turning them to colour. Her zebras in South Fremantle is a perfect example.

Here the giraffes stand tall and are one of the most striking Perth sights.

Sullivan Lane, Maylands

Maylands is great for a walking tour of Perth Street Art
Sullivan Lane in Maylands

Lyric Lane, Maylands

Some diverse street art in Maylands, Perth
Lyric Lane in Maylands

This lane snakes around the back of the BWS store on Eighth Avenue. The colourful mural depicting an old Aboriginal man and a child illuminates an otherwise depressing lane, however I couldn’t find anything on the author. It’s signed by the name of Withers.

Daek William, Gemma’s Health & Beauty Spa, A/208 Wheatley Crescent, Maylands

There is a girl with dreams in her hair in Maylands
Daek Williams in Maylands

This suburban beauty salon is adorned by one of the most poetic pieces I’ve seen. The girl with the dreams in her hair seems nor asleep nor awake, but in a world of her own. Unfortunately, the piece has been vandalised on several occasions. 

Maybe looking for street art is one of the most romantic things to do in Perth?

Cafe Mrs S, 178 Wheatley Crescent, Maylands

This elegant lady is having tea in Maylands
Café Mrs in Maylands

Carpark, 55 Eighth Avenue, Maylands

Take a walk around Maylands to see some street art
Eighth Avenue in Maylands

I couldn’t find an artist name for this eerie presence.

Studio 281, 281 Guildford Road, Maylands

What perfect place for street art than an art gallery?
Studio 281 in Maylands

The area between Wheatley Crescent and Guildford Road is one of the best walks in Perth for street art.

There is some good wall art in Perth
Pizza Amore Mio in Maylands

Maylands is mainly residential and there are a few good choices for accommodation.

Mount Hawthorn

Mount Hawthorn is mostly residential but for Perth tourism, it has some good examples of wall street art.

“Balance” Kyle Hughes-Odgers, 75 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn

Wall art mural in Mount Hawthorn
Kyle Hughes-Odgers in Mount Hawthorn

Fergus McFudge, Anvil Lane

Walk around Mount Hawthorn to find this piece of street art
Fergus McFudge in Mount Hawthorn

Ash & Oak, 73 Coogee Street, Mount Hawthorn

Even businesses get their street art in Perth
Ash & Oak in Mount Hawthorn

The Cabin Small Bar, 174 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn

The blue wren and blue rose is fantastic street art
The Cabin Bar in Mount Hawthorn

This gorgeous combination of a blue wren and a rose is a bit of mystery, I couldn’t find an artist’s name but it captured my heart!

If street art is one of the fun things to do in Perth for adults, this one would have to be my favourite! And you can stop for a drink at the Cabin Small Bar.

Mount Lawley

In the vicinity of Mount Hawthorn and Highgate, Mount Lawley is incredibly rich in street art. Street art is one of the cheap things to do in Perth but so much fun! The lane running parallel to Beaufort Street is well worth exploring to discover the work of Perth street artists.

Artist: Brad Loafer, Behind Cloud 9, 527 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

There is a Brad Loafer mural behind Cloud 9 in Mount Lawley
Brad Loafer in Mount Lawley

Artist: Hurben “Pixie”, 537 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

Two wall art pieces by artist Hurben in Mount Lawley
Hurben in Mount Lawley

On either side of the entrance to an office building, these two sea creatures were originally created for the 2013 Beaufort Street Festival.

There is some speed in this Doofus mural in Mount Lawley
Doofus in Mount Lawley

The lane behind Grovesnor Road and the lane between Grovesnor and Raglan Road are somewhere to go in Perth for different murals. I haven’t seen them but I will be updating this article on my next trip to Perth.

The back lanes are often the best for street art in Perth
Dabue in Mount Lawley

Mount Lawley has a busy restaurant scene so it’s worth staying in the area.


The inner-city suburb of Northbridge is the best place in Perth for nightlife and Asian food. Since my last visit to Perth, it hasn’t changed much, it still has that slightly run down and “dead during the day” type of feel. I didn’t think of it as one of Perth points of interest however, there is some really interesting street art. It’s also one of the easiest walks in Perth to do from the CBD.

Artist “Ever” Nicolas Romero and A.E.L., TAFE Building, Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Artist “Ever” Nicolas Romero is based in Buenos Aires. This striking piece is called “Migration”. The one on the right is “Memory of the Land” by artist AEL.

The TAFE building in Northbridge has some fantastic street art
Nicolas Romero and AEL in Northbridge

Behind the same building, there is some more interesting work.

Artist E.L.K, Museum Street and Mandala by Ian Williams, Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Artist E.L.K created a tribute portrait of the king of Oz hip hop Rob Hunter (MC Hunter) on Museum Street. Nearby on Aberdeen Street is the Mandala by artist Ian Williams.

Homage to a rap artist and a mandala in Northbridge
E.L.K and Ian Williams in Northbridge

Artist Pixel Pancho, TAFE Building, Northbridge

I couldn’t find a title for this funky character so I just call him “guy with a colander on his head”… at the back of the TAFE building.

TAFE has given some of its walls to street art
Pixel Pancho in Northbridge

Artists Lauren Nannup & Stephen Genovese “ Red & White Tail Cockatoos”, Cnr Newcastle & William Street

The Australian wildlife is never far from Perth street art
Lauren Nannup & Stephen Genovese in Northbridge

There are a fair few more painted walls and places in Perth. After a good walk, you can choose one of Northbridge restaurants for a good meal. 

Perth CBD

I didn’t spend anywhere near enough time on a Perth city walking tour and I only found Drew Straker neon art. However, the colours and rendition of the neon effect are so striking that it’s a mustdo on a Perth city tour, isn’t it?

Drew Straker neon art

Drew Straker is a Perth artist famous for neon art
Drew Straker in Perth CBD

There are a lot more wall murals, so I know what to do in Perth city on my next visit!

This hidden laneway has some great street art by Drew Straker
Drew Straker in Perth CBD

If you are keen to stay in Northbridge, the Foreshore, the Bell Tower and Elizabeth Quay are very close and you have great city views.


The suburb of Subiaco is sometimes listed as one of the top 10 things to do in Perth. I have fond memories of some of the cafés in Subiaco but now I think wall art is a much better Perth must-see!

Artist: Wellshaken, Rear of 361 Rokeby Road, Subiaco

Moroccan design fits well in this Subiaco lane
Wellshaken in Subiaco

This Morocco-inspired mural sits at the back of Rokeby Road, in a little alleyway. It’s both elegant and colourful, and really perfect as an Instagram background! It’s often referred to as being behind Meeka Restaurant but that doesn’t exist any more so it’s best to rely on the address.

Several Perth artists have created for the suburb of Subiaco.

Artist: Anya Brock “Butterflies”, Cnr Churchill & Townshend Road, Subiaco

Anya Brock loves painting butterflies in Subiaco
Anya Brock in Subiaco

There are two colourful butterflies from the famed and talented Anya Brock.

Does this mural give you butterflies?
Anya Brock in Subiaco

Artist: Ox King, 11 Olive Street, Subiaco

Dreamy blue and pink for this Subiaco mural
Ox King in Subiaco

Soft blue and pink, this is every little girl’s dream!

Artist: Sugar Sweet, 17 Olive Street, Subiaco

This is an angry fox but some great street art in Subiaco
Sugar Sweet in Subiaco

Is this a fox or a cat?

Artist Nick Zafir, 23 Olive Street, Subiaco

This strange face is something to find on your Perth walk
Nick Zafir in Subiaco

This is an eerie vision, the face seems to be unfinished and distressed.

Artist James Giddy “Chicken”, Olive Street, Subiaco

A giant chicken on the wall will greet you on your walk
James Giddy in Subiaco

The Corner Gallery is on the corner of Olive Street and Hay Street and has a spectacular combination of a pink wall and a cheeky piece by artist Fieldey from New Zealand

Some cheeky street art on the wall of the Corner Gallery
The Corner Gallery in Subiaco

Artist: Rahalie McGuirk “Cat of three tails”, Corner Olive Street & 256 Hay Street, Subiaco

That's a hell of a colourful cat in Subiaco!
Rahalie McGuirk in Subiaco

José Cuervo Tequila Bar, Corner Townshend Road and Hay Street, Subiaco

Some cheeky monkeys adorn the wall of this Subiaco bar
Jose Cuervo Tequila Bar in Subiaco

Subiaco is great for nightlife as well as street art.

Victoria Park

There aren’t many Perth attractions and activities in Victoria Park but if you are driving along Albany Hwy, it’s worth stopping by. As street art is one of the free things to do in Perth today, I actually recommend visiting a supermarket carpark!

Artist Sheryo and the Yok, Ten Ten Chinese Restaurant, 852 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park

Look at this mighty chinese dragon in Victoria Park
Sheryo and the Yok in Victoria Park

Artist: Kiara Thomas, Car Park behind the IGA East Victoria Park, 860 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park

In Perth, they even decorate toilet blocks with street art
Nick Zafir & Kiara Thomas in Victoria Park

There are a few murals around the carpark of the IGA supermarket. You can find some street art in Perth and do your shopping at the same time! Out of all places, the toilet block is adorned with a piece by Kiara Thomas and one from Nick Zafir.

There are some amazing tourist places in Perth!

Albany Highway being a thoroughfare, there isn’t much quality accommodation in Victoria Park, only a few motor lodges. For a quiet area, East Perth is just across the Swan River. There is plenty of parkland and the city is just nearby.

North Fremantle

A Fremantle day trip is a great thing to do when you visit Perth. One day may be short for all the things to see in Fremantle but it is one of the best day trips from Perth. Fremantle tourist attractions are diverse and it’s worth doing a little research on what to include on your Fremantle itinerary.

Artist: Alan Bond, Allied Mills, 111 Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle

The famous dingo flour mural by Alan Bond
Dingo Flour in North Fremantle

Technically, this is not street art… But the branding mural on the silo of Allied Mills is an icon of Fremantle sightseeing. The mills tower over Stirling Hwy driving into Fremantle, facing the ocean. Interestingly, it was painted by a Perth businessman, before his successful (and controversial) business dealings in Perth, which included winning the America’s Cup.

In my view, it’s easy to do Fremantle walking tour and include some street art. The Fremantle to Perth train only takes half an hour and there is a local CAT bus to take to South Fremantle.

Artist: ROA, Old Navy buildings, Canning Hwy, North Fremantle

This black octopus is an ominous sight at the entrance of Fremantle
ROA in North Fremantle

The black octopus designed by Belgian artist ROA, painted on the old navy buildings, is impossible to miss. It’s dark and tortured, and is one of the best examples of Fremantle street art. 

Fremantle is a great place to stay in Perth. The restaurants and bars, museums and galleries, the Fremantle markets and the railway station are mostly of walking distance of one another.

South Fremantle

Artist: Graeme Miles Richard, East West Design, 303 South Terrace, South Fremantle

A very long mural on the East West Design warehouse in South Fremantle
Graeme Miles Richard in South Fremantle

East West Design is a furniture store sitting in a large warehouse. Apart from some roller doors, the building has a long blind wall so it was the perfect place for a 78m fresco.

East West Design is a furniture and curio shop in Fremantle
Graeme Miles Richard in South Fremantle

Keep walking along South Terrace, it’s one of the best places to go in Fremantle for street art.

Artist: Anya Brock, 258 South Terrace, South Fremantle

Say hello to the zebras at Ootong and Lincoln
Anya Brock in South Fremantle

After the giraffes of Maylands, visit Fremantle and meet the zebras!

Missy Moos, a little further down from 400 South Terrace, South Fremantle

This octopus pays homage to Jules Verne and 20,000 leagues under the sea
Purple octopus in South Fremantle

I couldn’t find any murals right next to the café Missy Moos, but there is a beautiful piece in a lane a little further down from 400 South Terrace.

It’s a beautiful mix of blue and purple colours, inspired by Jules Verne’s “20,000 leagues under the sea”.

South Beach Cycles, 480 South Terrace, South Fremantle

South Beach also has some very nice street art
South Beach Cycles in South Fremantle

I didn’t note the artist for this one but the deep reds and browns make an amazing combination. It’s also pretty close to some of the best beaches in Perth!

Wittenoom Street

This is less known for street art places to explore in Perth. Awkwardly wedged between a train line and a hospital, there is a beautiful mural and other street art worth including in your Perth sightseeing.

Even in poor areas you can find some great Perth Street Art
Wittenoom Street in Perth

The area is not super friendly, quite run down and poor. However, you should be fine during the day. The best place to leave your car is at the Officeworks carpark, a little further along Wittenoom Street, once you’ve crossed the train line.

What’s on in Perth?

Street art is a great photography topic when you visit Perth. One of the less known facts about Australia is that street art is popular and celebrated. You may even find some beyond Perth if you take a road trip along the West Australia Coast and Kalbarri. There are many places to do in Perth where you can find creativity and colour. The capital of Western Australia may seem conservative and only interested in the beach but hopefully I have you rethinking your Perth travel guide!

Street art is also present in country towns around WA, including Albany in the South West.

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Do you know some great Perth Street Art? Please tell me about it in the comments so I can check it out next time!

Save these secret spots for Perth Street Art on Pinterest!

Giraffes are some of the best Perth Street Art
Perth Street Art is everywhere on the streets...
Perth Street Art is worth a walking tour of the suburbs

22 thoughts on “The Best Walking Tour of Perth Street Art”

  1. Love that you shared some of Perth’s best street and some of my favourites. There’s a couple here I haven’t seen (Claremont & Mt Hawthorn) so will have to check it out. I lived right near that piece by Daek in Maylands many years ago. Great post.

  2. There seems to be a lot of street art experiences popping up over Australia, I seen blog posts on Sydney and now Perth, and I also saw loads on my recent visit to Melbourne. Would love to check out the street art if I ever get to Perth (why is so flung out away from any other place in the The more detail in the artwork, the longer I usually stare at it until I am satisfy. However I am not like this in art museums..hmmmm.

    1. Hi Danik, street art is pretty big in Australia at the moment. It’s used to beautify neighbourhoods and engage the population. Melbourne is of course a precursor to everything street art in Australia.

    1. Hi Sam, I have to say that I was pretty taken with street art in Perth, it’s not the kind of place you would identify with this kind of thing! I’ll have to go back for more!

  3. Alright I love it all. It reminds me of the quantity of amazing street are in Getsemani outside of the Old Town Cartagena.
    As I was scrolling through the different murals I actually said “Damn” out loud when I scrolled into the Goat Dreaming by Robert Jenkins in Leederville. All of those leaves are crazy and the Dolus “Play” is really cool looking. Love that 3d effect.
    As for which Neighborhood had the best from your pics I was torn with the Maylands, Mount Hawthorne, Subiaco or South Fremantle. Though they all had something appealing. Definitely adding the Street art walking tour in Perth to my Australian West Coast Bucket List!

    1. Hi Eric, Robert Jenkins is definitely a winner! His art is so poetic and dynamic, I would love to see more… Street art is becoming so popular everywhere, it’s a great way to visit the world!

  4. I completely share your love of street art. Perth definitely has plenty. I hate it isn’t easily walkable though (and I avoid ALL cities like the plague when it’s hot). If I had to pick one area, I would head straight to Leederville. I love the pink hair mural and the “PLAY” also. But I love the giraffes, the zebras and the “foxcat” (not sure either!) too!

    1. Hi Heather, Perth is not the easiest place to visit on foot, being so spread out. It’s worth taking a few buses or trains to see the art, like in Leederville and Fremantle. “Play” and the pink hair are very popular, I hope they stay for a long while!

  5. Can’t decide which ones are my favorites…each one is so fresh and experimental in thought. It is a brilliant collage of pictures you included in your post. Did you stumble upon them or did you have a roadmap in advance?

    1. Hi Punita, I agree that it’s hard to choose a favourite! I did a bit of research before I went but some places I stumbled upon by chance. I still have a lot of street art to explore.

  6. I’ve never done an actual street art tour, but it does sound like a very popular activity these days. As I was reading each of the different places of street art, the Leederville one really caught my attention. I’d love to go to one of the cafes in the area and then walk to this mural 🙂

    1. Hi Candy, street art is a big thing in travel at the moment. It’s forever evolving and a great way to discover a city. There are social aspects as well, with run down areas being revived through community action, one of them being street art. In Perth, Leederville is known for its restaurants and night life. The murals are a great reason to visit during the day!

  7. I love looking at street art when I travel. It’s become a much more acceptable form of art, and there are so many talented artists out there. I like the photos you took of the art that covers the sides of buildings. Those are so cool!

    1. Hi Astrid, once upon a time, street art was only considered as a minor art or even a nuisance. Now, provided that the murals are actually artistic and not messy like graffiti, it’s a great way to rehabilitate neglected areas.

  8. Wow so much incredible street art. This is a great post to help explore Perth’s art and see the city at the same time. I particularly like the giraffes and I’m still not sure if it’s a cat or fox?! People are so creative!

    1. Hi Laura, the cat or fox is quite striking, isn’t it? In Perth as in many other places, street art is a great way to discover the less obvious places. It requires a lot of walking but it’s very rewarding.

  9. These are truly beautiful murals. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, I’d have to go with the giraffes since they remind me of my daughter. (They’re her favorite animal.)

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